About Us / Overview


Sendit24.com is a simple, fast and safe large file transfer service. Anyone can use our free service without registration. If sending large files is part of your job, we will offer a perfect solution satisfying all your needs!

Sendit24.com was born in the summer of 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden. We were having trouble sending large files via email and decided to come up with a solution – so simple that even our mothers could use it! All the other service providers didn't meet our expectations, because we wanted our solution to:

Not require registration to transfer files
Allow files of up to 2GB to be transferred
Be as simple as any e-mail client
Have the possibility to select several files with just one click

It's been a long way since Sendit24.com has been released in January 2008, but the free service we offer has few restrictions and our clients enjoy a simple, fast, safe and inexpensive service!

We hope you like Sendit24!