How Works?

How It Works?

Usually your email system will be limited to certain maximum file size. Sendit24 offers companies and organizations web-based file transfer service. You will be able to send and receive large files from your clients, partners and contractors. Choose Sendit24 and forget complicated FTPs and limited emails.

It's all very simple – your clients, partners, and contractors keep sending you large files constantly, but emails are slow and, let's face it, unreliable. With Sendit24 users can easily and quickly send and receive files of any size.

Sendit24 is incredibly easy to use. Your contacts won't even need a Sendit24 account to send or receive files – only your company has to have an account with Sendit24.

Receive large files

After you sign up for our service, the system creates a web page where your contacts will send large files to you.

After a successful transfer, Sendit24 automatically sends two emails: a notification to the recipient and a confirmation to the sender. Then the recipient can log into the website and download files at any time. Sendit24 allows files as large as 2GB to be transferred. All the uploaded files are stored on the cloud servers until expiry date or deleted by you.

Send large files

You can send files that have been uploaded in your Sendit24 account to any recipient – client, friend, partner and contractor. Just log in, choose which files you want to send and enter the emails of recipients. They will receive an email notification that your files are ready for download. All they have to do is click on the provided link, and file transfer will begin! It is an incredibly simple, reliable and fast way to send large files.

Sendit24 uses SSL (256-bit) encryption – the same level of security that is used by banks and such online retailers like We keep the files of all our users in separate locations – they are only accessible to the owner of the account.

If you have questions about Sendit24, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section or contract us. You can also order our free 30-day trial and see the benefits of Sendit24 for yourself.

File tracking

Tracking is one of the most important aspects of managed file transfer. It is important to know who and when accessed or downloaded your files. For obvious reasons, email wasn't created to be a file transfer system - when you send someone a file via email, you never know if the person downloaded the attachment.

Who needs to transfer large files?

The necessity to transfer large files can arise due to many reasons. Usually people have to transfer sophisticated digital content. Various professionals – from printers and lawyers to graphic designers and photographers – send large files to their clients and partners on everyday basis.

The ability to send and receive large files over the internet not only saves a lot of time, but is also an advantage for any business. However, sending or receiving large files via email can be not only inefficient, but even impossible, since most email servers limit the size of files attached. This makes Sendit24 the best solution for sending and receiving large files over the internet.

The process is very simple. Just log into your account, upload the file you wish to send and indicate the recipient. An email notification will then be automatically generated and sent to the recipient informing him that the file is ready to be downloaded. All he has to do is click on the provided link to a website where the file will be awaiting. Sendit24 offers an extremely easy way to send and receive large files. Just order our free 30-day trial and start transferring large files right away!

Premium Features

trackFile tracking

You can control who and when downloaded your files. When you send someone a file via email, you never know if the person downloaded the attachment.

globalAny time transfers

Works with any platform or device - make file sharing quick and easy no matter which device you are using.

secureEnhanced security

Seven-layer security policy and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption provides users with protection that meets all the strictest compliance standards.

platformCloud platform

Ensure easy access and availability of your files anytime and anywhere. You won't need other software to manage your files any more.