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For Manufacturers: Online CAD File Transfer

Modern manufacturers have to adapt to current changes and the advance of digital workplace. Clients often demand various customized or custom products from manufacturers. The specifications of clients' requirements are usually stored in digital format, e.g. large CAD files or scanned drawings. In order to keep up with clients manufacturers must have a method to send and receive large files. However, email and FTP aren't the best solutions, because the first is unable to transfer very large files and the latter is rather complicated to use.

Example: send CAD files

American Custom Mouldings is a small, but successful company producing plastic prototypes. It cooperates with various toy designers to create safe and inexpensive plastic moulds for toys. This company used to deliver design files burned onto CDs, however, this wasn't convenient for clients. Therefore ACM decided to search for a better solution. CAD files of intricate 3D renderings were often too large to send via email, but ACM didn't want to hire IT employees to manage an FTP server. They chose large file transfer service, since it best met their needs.


Sending large files with Sendit24 is so simple that ACM didn't have to worry about confusing or discouraging their clients when it came to sending files. Sendit24 upload page was integrated with company's website, allowing clients to send and receive files in a quick and simple way. With easy way to send and receive files Sendit24 even improved customer satisfaction!

Sendit24 allows users to receive large files in an efficient and easy way. Neither you, nor your clients will have to install software and Sendit24 certainly doesn't require technical background. Get an account and you'll be able to send and receive large files. This will not only help respond or make suggestions and feedback faster, but will also improve the level of service you provide. Get a free trial today and find out how Sendit24 can improve your business!

Premium Features

trackFile tracking

You can control who and when downloaded your files. When you send someone a file via email, you never know if the person downloaded the attachment.

globalAny time transfers

Works with any platform or device - make file sharing quick and easy no matter which device you are using.

secureEnhanced security

Seven-layer security policy and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption provides users with protection that meets all the strictest compliance standards.

platformCloud platform

Ensure easy access and availability of your files anytime and anywhere. You won't need other software to manage your files any more.