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Data Transfer

Nowadays, when data is one of the main aspects of any modern company, the type of information exchanged between employees, partners and clients is limitless. A manager must be able to send a training video to the newly employed. A construction company must be able to send blueprints and specifications to subcontractors. A photographer must be able to share wedding photos with newly-weds.

Transfer one file or hundreds

Modern companies also can't be limited by the type or size of files they have to share with stakeholders. However this problem often occurs with conventional and old-fashioned file sharing platforms. For instance, email clients often limit the size of attachments. And such physical data storage devices like USB drives and CDs are limited by their storage capability. These options are suitable when the size or number of files is little, but they become completely useless when you have to share a large number of documents.

Therefore many users tend to choose file transfer protocol (FTP) platforms. They do not limit file size and are convenient portal through which users can easily share files over the internet. However often FTP security is too low and the access to files is too easy.

Perhaps the best solution to share large amount of data is cloud-based service provided by Sendit24. This platform supports up to 2.2GB of data in one transfer and can handle almost any data transfer needs – from a single large high-def. video file to hundreds of smaller text documents.

Data transfer solutions from

When it comes to the most sensitive information, companies cannot simply trust anyone. Often proprietary information can be worth millions of dollars. Therefore companies have to be completely sure that their information is in the right and trustworthy hands.

This problem increases when the sensitive information has to be transferred. Most storage solutions used by companies safeguard data when it is at rest, but when the information is being transferred from one server to another it can fall victim to cybercriminals and their increasingly improving attack methods.

Sendit24 eliminates this concern. Our 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption with Class 3 certificate ensures that sensitive and valuable data is always safe from attacks.

Other security measures, such as authenticated delivery and file-level passwords ensure even more security when documents are at rest or being transferred. File-level passwords protect files with password requirements and ensure security at the lowest level, while authenticated delivery grants access to the files only to authorized recipients.

Hard drive alternative

In each hard drive – whether used for personal or professional activities – there are thousands of individual files. If you add an external hard drive, the number will probably increase tenfold.

The problem is that nowadays most people use several computers. Often a person has a desktop computer at work, a laptop at home and a smartphone or tablet while he's on the go. They also have numerous files on their hard drives that they want to share with others.

There is a solution - Sendit24 offers users a personal drop box, which allows 2GB of files to be uploaded at a time. This will make file sharing with others simple, quick and, of course, flexible.

Sendit24 offers the perfect solution to share files quickly and securely whether it is needed for professional or personal purposes.

Premium Features

trackFile tracking

You can control who and when downloaded your files. When you send someone a file via email, you never know if the person downloaded the attachment.

globalAny time transfers

Works with any platform or device - make file sharing quick and easy no matter which device you are using.

secureEnhanced security

Seven-layer security policy and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption provides users with protection that meets all the strictest compliance standards.

platformCloud platform

Ensure easy access and availability of your files anytime and anywhere. You won't need other software to manage your files any more.