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Managed Files Transfer

Tracking is one of the most important aspects of managed file transfer. It is important to know who and when accessed or downloaded your files. For obvious reasons, email wasn't created to be a file transfer system – when you send someone a file via email, you never know if the person downloaded the attachment.

Managed file transfer with

Sendit24 managed file transfer allows you to send, store and receive large files without ever losing control. With our custom tracking you will always be able to monitor all your files (including your account) any time. Every time you log in, you will see the overall usage of your account, including:

How much you have stored
How much you have used in total transfers (uploads and downloads)
How much total usage (storage and transfer) you have remaining for the month

File tracking with

Besides, our managed file transfer tracking interface provides you will all the details for professional file management. One simple access tab allows you to see:

Who uploaded a file (including name and email address)
Time when the file was uploaded
File size
Whether or not it has been downloaded
Name and size of file
Date downloaded
Email address and IP address of who downloaded the file
Total number of bytes / MB / GB downloaded (if file was downloaded more than once)

Full access to our tracking utility is available with all accounts – even if you've ordered the free 30 day trial, you'll still be able to monitor your files!

Premium Features

trackFile tracking

You can control who and when downloaded your files. When you send someone a file via email, you never know if the person downloaded the attachment.

globalAny time transfers

Works with any platform or device - make file sharing quick and easy no matter which device you are using.

secureEnhanced security

Seven-layer security policy and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption provides users with protection that meets all the strictest compliance standards.

platformCloud platform

Ensure easy access and availability of your files anytime and anywhere. You won't need other software to manage your files any more.